• Inaugural 2016 F4 United States Champion (2016)
  • EuroFormula Open F3 Champion (2021)
  • British F3 Race Winner
  • Toyota Racing Series Race Winner (New Zealand)
  • 18 Career Victories, 41 Podiums, 10 Pole Positions, 24 fastest laps


My goal? Make Racing Accessible. Here’s why…

In August of 2021, Formula 2 teams started knocking on my manager’s door. Being the EuroFormula F3 championship leader with just three race weekends to go, the teams were letting him know that I was “on the radar.” Was I excited? Absolutely. But even more so, I was anxious - the mad dash to find the sponsorship money had begun. 

Even though the F2 season wouldn’t start until February, the contracts would need to be settled by November. Afterall, pre-season testing could cost between $500k and $1M, and we’d need to lock down 5-star accommodation and F1 Paddock Club tickets for the sponsors and their guests for every race. Factoring in costs like management, physical training, travel, and testing, I needed to raise $3,000,000-$4,000,000 before the F3 season ended. That was many multiples more than we ever had to raise previously, and we had no idea how we were going to find it.


A few short months later, I was crowned EFO F3 champion, but the celebration felt bittersweet. I stepped up massively in my driving, and several F2 teams had acknowledged that by sending official contracts for the 2022 season (one of which I desperately wanted to sign). But I also knew that I had already exhausted all my avenues for raising that sort of cash. And so, I had to turn down every F2 offer I received. 

I could have left the Formula scene and transitioned to tin-tops or endurance racing, but it wasn’t where my heart was. It was the technicality of Formula One that piqued my motorsports interests in the first place, and it had always been an all or nothing approach from the start. Especially after winning a championship, I knew this couldn’t be the end of my F1 journey, but there had to be a better way to raise funds. 

I decided to take a year off to re-evaluate how I can bring value to sponsors, and that’s where my content creation journey began. Every driver utilizes social media to publicize their racing career in some fashion, but very few have built a platform large enough or targeted enough to use it as an effective marketing tool… and I don’t think they’re trying to either. If they can generate the sponsorship through business to business partnerships or through their family’s wealth, then it’s way less effort than building a content pipeline and audience. That never felt sustainable to me. My belief was that creating an audience of sim racers, karters, car, and motorsports enthusiasts will help me to deliver meaningful value to advertisers and sponsors.

In my first fourteen months as a content creator, I amassed over 360,000 followers across YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok with well over half a billion views. I think social media has the power to bring better talent and more money into the sport, and legacy drivers aren’t taking advantage of it. After meeting many of my viewers in person, I realized that this platform is far bigger than myself or my own career. It has inspired people to pursue this tremendously rewarding yet difficult career. Because of that, I feel responsible for enacting change in the sport so that the most talented of my audience can actually have a fighting chance. 

So the goal? Make racing accessible - one subscriber at a time.