Euroformula Hungary: New Beginnings

Euroformula Hungary: New Beginnings

The Euroformula Open F3 championship has made its way to Hungary for rounds 9 & 10 of the 2019 championship.

In efforts to continue his development, American Cam Das has chosen to switch teams and join the Motopark Academy for the remainder of the season. Transitioning mid-season for any driver introduces several challenges as they often have to learn a different way of working with a new team as well as adapt to a car’s setup most likely tuned on a different philosophy, requiring a significant modification to the driver’s personal driving style. In this case, Cam was presented with all of these in transition, with the additional risks of a new car requiring further break in and a limited tire allocation per regulation. Cam approached these challenges as opportunities for development, and learning how to quickly adapt to a new environment.

The first on-track session for the #25 FREEDOM Euroformula Open F3 car took place on the Thursday before the race weekend when the American made his first acquaintance with the new single seater in a racing environment. The initial feel was good, and the car worked well on the Michelin rubbered-in track, as demonstrated by staying close to his team mates in raw pace, who had driven the car all season long.

On Friday, Cam once again further improved, and was quickly up to speed in Free Practice 1, ultimately leading the field until the last tyre run where he finished less than two (2) tenths from P1, in a respectable P4. Things changed on Friday afternoon when other race series joined the weekend and covered the track in different types of tyre compounds. Furthermore, Cam was limited to just one set of tyres due to changing teams. This gave an advantage to the other drivers and unfortunately set the scene for the following days.

What followed was a struggle to regroup as he was immediately on the back foot. The American showed good progress, underlined by the fact that he was the fastest driver of the team in many corners, but had to finally concede that there is work to be done in the next coming weeks to bridge the gap to P1. But Cam knows if he stays determined and focused, his hard work will eventually pay off.

“Although the final results don’t show it, I am pleased with the initial transition to the team. We knew entering into the new environment there would be a lot to learn given the team’s very different philosophies and car setup than I have been working with in the first half of the season. I am confident I will be able to adapt, and that was evident when I was on an even playing field in Free Practice 1. I am very excited to continue my development with Motopark and show my potential. I have never been to Red Bull Ring and I look forward to this new challenge and gaining that experience next week.”

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